Re: Sinhala GNU/Linux

From: Anuradha Ratnaweera <email-not-shown>
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 11:37:54 LKT
To: Donald Gaminitillake
Cc: Delan Silva <email-not-shown>, harshula <email-not-shown>

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 11:08:15 +0600, Donald Gaminitillake <Donald Gaminitillake> wrote:
> You are getting closer to the problem :-)

Good to hear... :-)

> When you key in the two locations (0DAF 0DD4) for the "DU" from where you
> got the correct "DU"
> the correct "DU" is located in a hidden place

Let's [for the moment] consider rendering to be a seperate "concern" from representation.

So, let's [again for this moment] agree that representation of "dumriya" is not a problem if we agree [of course a big IF] that the sequence 0daf + 0dd4 represents "du". Then we will be able to store Sinhala characters without a problem.

As for rendering, there are many ways to find out where "du" is: e.g. OpenType font format. Effectively, you can have shapes for sequences of character points (not only for single code points), using a table called GSUB. For example, it says 0daf is "da", 0daf+0dd4 is "du" and so on. OpenType format and tables is an open standard and in my knowledge, well supported by many platforms.

In other words, Unicode / SLS 1134 contains *all* the characters either as single code points, or as sequences, and for the implementation, they can be represented in fonts.  

> Then your IITC conferance will be more productive and effective for the
> development of Sri Lanka

As for the conference and the ASOCIO exhibition, we are just participants... :-)

About the Tamil software link you have sent, I don't believe that seperate software need to be developed. All the present internationalized software can be translated to Sinhala without touching a line of code.


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