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From: Donald Gaminitillake <email-not-shown>
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 11:08:15 LKT
To: Anuradha Ratnaweera <email-not-shown>
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Dear Anurudha

You are getting closer to the problem  :-)

When you key in the two locations (0DAF 0DD4) for the "DU" from where you got the correct "DU"

the correct "DU" is located in a hidden place

Like wise you have shown characters that do not appear in SLS 1134
Where are they? They do reside somewhere in the OS.

I want all these characters to be in the SLS 1134

"like Chinese" (korean Japanese)
They have solved most of the IT problems they have SMS, OCR and everything

I told you we have only  2000+ Even Chinese do have 20,000+ and have three types of allocation tables
Poeple do have the choice to use any format

We give the public all the available characters let them decide what to do with it.
All the characters should be in unicode format.

Then your IITC conferance will be more productive and effective for the development of Sri Lanka



Anuradha Ratnaweera wrote:
On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 22:26:48 +0600, Donald Gaminitillake
<> wrote:
 I know you all are busy with IITC. 

Thanks for the understanding. :-)

First, I am very keen to hear your comments about the attached screenshot.

Without a proper character allocation table this conferance will not be
productive nor implemented.
Unless you change the constitution of Sri Lanka to work in English!!!!!

I think, once we figure out the exact technical issues, this won't be a problem.

 How do you write the word "dumriya' using this SLS1134
 "DU" is missing


You cannot have *hidden* characters all have to be in unicode for
implementation. SLS 1134

Please see the attached screenshot.  We didn't have a problem with
hidden characters for the GNU/Linux implementation.  Are there any
*technical* reasons on other platforms.

BTW, I haven't added all the glyphs to the font, notably "repaya", but
they will be rendered with a repaya when it's present in the font. 
The character for "ddh" in "buddha" is also yet to come.

Yes my system do have an individual location for each sinhala character

In that case, we may have to get a big range beyond 65536, like Chinese.

With my system everything will sort in correct order. irrespective to the OS

This I understand now, because of the presense of all the characters,
including the modified ones.

 Computer is not just writing documents it is tool

Of course, it is not!

I am for Linux and Unix to be implement in Sri Lanka Mac is far better than
Microsoft and closer to UNIX

And I believe that new Mac OS/X is BSD Unix.

You read my mails in Linux because we all use the same unicode character
BUT for Sinhala and Tamil this is not the case. SLS 1134 does not contain
all the characters in Sinhla language

We have been using Sinhala in our mails and haven't had problems. 
Interoperability has been good between GNU/Linux and Windows (they say

"considered shorthand to hal kireema" 
Whether this is short hand  or not -- this is not the problem of engineers
WE got to provide all the options to the users.
We cannot decide for users what to use and what not to use.
OUR duty is to protect the culture.

Agreed.  In more "Unixish" terms, this is called "providing a
mechanisim and not policy".  And as for my understanding, the present
standard and the implementations does provide mechanisms for
everything the users want.

You have not touched on SMS , voice to text , OCR etc

Voice to text and OCR have been looked at, but not SMS.



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