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From: Donald Gaminitillake <email-not-shown>
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 22:24:59 LKT
To: Anuradha Ratnaweera <email-not-shown>
CC: harshula <email-not-shown>, Delan Silva <email-not-shown>, VK Samaranayake <>, Manju Haththotuwa <>


Dear Anuradha Harshula Manju and The Professor

I do have this document and I have filed objection to this document.

Everything is condenced to figure one which you will never want talk.

Figure one is wrong it is incomplete UNICODE

also you talk of 200d which are joiners but where are the other characters!!!!

You always avoid this question.

you spoke of set c and set d

I know Linux has gone further than the incomplete UNICODE  but we got to correct this.

publish the letters in the set c and D correcting the SLS 1134

It may go in for several pages similar to figure one

This is the full unicode for Sinhala

At least you have admitted that Sinhala UNICODE is incomplete. ( I am happy)

Once proved incomplete  ---  we got to correct it and amend it.

 I do have all the sinhala characters technically little over 1660 with the badhi akuru

In my system your INDRA are located as two characters two different fixed addresses

I am trying to publish this table soon.

Using that table you will be able to write any word and also the software makers will be able to make many wonders to help the Srilanka to move forward in ICT

To access this will be done using QWERTY or someone can develop for wijesekara a driver with our recomendation

I have told Manju to look into this option and still awaiting a reply from him.

Sometime next week after discussing with Mr Delan We may be able to show you the prelist

There are two problems in the sorting order of Sinhala

Some go by word Ankura comes before aa

But some takes An to the end.

Second  there are two new characters introduced recently by JB Dissanayake
For the sorting order where should we keep these two

These things should be openly discussed and amicably to be kept in a location

Also the public do have the right to introduce more new characters No one can delete any!!!  but my set is based on the maharagama Sammatha Sinhala Akshara malawa

All these are listed in the ---- other than the full list

This problem is there for all indic languages (that is why there is no OCR SMS Voice to text so on)

Devanagari and Bengali are redoing the table
Hindi will be the first to follow the individual characters 

Korean had to redo the system, Arabic too re did the table

There is an enormous potential for the Sri Lanka IT industry once I do this table and the software to go with it. 

Please remember I have the full copyrights and a pending patent 

For the next three days I am out of the cyber world

Wish you all a Merry Chrismas!!




Dear Donald,

For a moment, can you please stop being emotioinal and shall we discuss facts?

You have only reviewed the sinhala allocation table in Unicode.  We
have gone furthur and implemented it.  And we didn't find any problems
in producing any Sinhala character.

Please tell me how one can produce the words in the attach image using
the 1660 characters (or glyphs) in your proposed "solution"?  We have
already done it using Unicode.  And I know that other implementors
(not only SInhala, but other languages in the region) also have not
come acoss problems when implementing Unicode.

Requesting to put all the shapes into Unicode is like asking to put
all the molecules into the periodic table!

Please let me or Harshula know if you have problems understanding the
math of the set theoretic explaiation of Unicode.

Hope you will read this mail with an open mind.


On Tue, 07 Dec 2004 15:43:37 +0600, Donald Gaminitillake
<> wrote:
>  Simple example is Hydrogen + oxygen gives us water.
>  We have all these three elements. 

See, you have misunderstood again.  Hydrogen and Oxygon are elements
and Water is not: it's a molecule, and you get only the first two in
the Periodic table, not water.  Nobody wants to have water in the
periodic table!

I have attached SLS 1134 to this mail if you haven't seen it already. 
Please talk about the whole document, not about just one page
containing that table for allocating single code points.


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