Re: Sinhala GNU/Linux

From: Donald Gaminitillake <email-not-shown>
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 09:23:14 LKT
To: Anuradha Ratnaweera <email-not-shown>
CC: Delan Silva <email-not-shown>, harshula <email-not-shown>


Dear Anuradha

You got scared of a ghost!!!! :-X

I proved certain errors of SLS 1134.

Please sit back and read the following sentences written by you.

Reply from Linux group

This I understand now, because of the presense of all the characters,
including the modified ones.
Reply from Linux group

Voice to text and OCR have been looked at, but not SMS.

Reply from Linux group
If the rest of the characters are *missing*, then
it would have been a real problem. But as the rest of the characters are only *hidden*
What more one need to prove that SLS 1134 needs modification & correction

Do not try to twist words and defend what is wrong .

Admit the errors, Join hands and correct it for the betterment of Sri Lanka.

I know Mr Harshula understand the problem.



Anuradha Ratnaweera wrote:
On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:59:33 +0600, Donald Gaminitillake
<> wrote:
 For OCR which works the other way need an absolute location. (example

I don't see this as a problem, because every character is uniquely
identified by a character or a sequence.

 To give absolute locations for all characters need a matrix.

This is not a problem because you can have a matrix of individual code
points or sequences.

Also please notice that the Linux User Group presently fully support
the Unicode and SLSI 1134 standard.  However, we are very keen to
openly discuss any issues if any, and so far I didn't find any during
this communication...


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