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From: Donald Gaminitillake <email-not-shown>
Date: Sun Nov 28 2004 - 22:26:48 LKT
To: Anuradha Ratnaweera <email-not-shown>
CC: Delan Silva <email-not-shown>, harshula <email-not-shown>


Dear Anuradha

I know you all are busy with IITC.

Sad point is you all have forgot the constitution of Sri Lanka
There are not a single Sinhala and Tamil Presentation
Cost is too high. It should be free for every Sri Lankan by registration. on First come first serve basis

Without a proper character allocation table this conferance will not be productive nor implemented.

Unless you change the constitution of Sri Lanka to work in English!!!!!


SLS1134 only listed 80 characters

How do you write the word "dumriya' using this SLS1134

"DU" is missing

You cannot have *hidden* characters all have to be in unicode for implementation. SLS 1134

Yes my system do have an individual location for each sinhala character

With my system everything will sort in correct order. irrespective to the OS

Computer is not just writing documents it is tool

"And also tell me the exact characters that needs to be added."

All the sinhala characters that is in the "Sammatha Sinhala Akshara malawa"

Copyrighting the work is fine (and necessary, in my opinion).  But
software patents ....
This was done for protecion only  otherwise someone can swap his or her ideas.

I am for Linux and Unix to be implement in Sri Lanka Mac is far better than Microsoft and closer to UNIX

"patent application for a transliteration"

This is a misunderstanding I do have applied for a patent but not for "Transliteration".

You read my mails in Linux because we all use the same unicode character allocation
BUT for Sinhala and Tamil this is not the case. SLS 1134 does not contain all the characters in Sinhla language

"considered shorthand to hal kireema"

Whether this is short hand  or not -- this is not the problem of engineers WE got to provide all the options to the users.
We cannot decide for users what to use and what not to use.
OUR duty is to protect the culture.

You have not touched on SMS , voice to text , OCR etc



On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 19:18:02 +0600, Donald Gaminitillake
<> wrote:
>  Thanks for the mail 
>  Now I have some dialogue open to discuss.

Excellent!  I must admit that as of now, I don't still understand the
problem.  But I am trying to.

>  SLS 1134 do have only 80 characters. Rest of the characters are hidden
> somewhere!!!!!  We got to follow SLS 1134.

If the rest of the characters are *missing*, then it would have been a
real problem.  But as the rest of the characters are only *hidden*
(say rakaaransaya is Halanta + ZWN + Ra), it hasn't been a problem for
the GNU/Linux implementation, and as I heard, it hasn't been a problem
for MS implementation either.  However, I agree that the existance of
an implementation doesn't mean the standard is perfect.

When I mean standards, I mean Unicode, but I understand that it's SLS
1134 all the same.

>  Sorting get upset because (SLS1134) it get sorted into "konbuwa" "ka" 
> "ispilla"and so on.

What we noticed is totally the opposite.  Take this for example: 
"karma", kotuva", "kethuva", ketha:

In Unicode/SLSI, they will be represented as:

- K, R, Hal kireema, M
- K, O modifier (0DDC), T, U modifier (0DD4), V
- K, long E modifier (0DDA), TH, U modifier (0DD4), V
- K, short E modifier (0DD9), TH

As you can see, sorting works perfect.

However, there *are* two issues:
- Rendering engine has to do a bit of work to put the kombuwa *before*
the consonent etc.
- Sorting order of some characters (notably ang and ah) are wrong. 
But it's a problem of the order itself, and nothing to do with missing

>  The first problem is to solve the SLS 1134 
>  To include all the individual characters into unicode.
>  Once this is done everything will fall in  line irrespective to OS.

What I am trying really hard to understand is how this solves the
problem.  Can you please give some examples?  And also tell me the
exact characters that needs to be added.

>  Do not worry  about the total number of characters which is around 2000+

Just to confirm: you don't propose to insert a character for *each*
character, do you?

>  I have that solution with copyrights.

Copyrighting the work is fine (and necessary, in my opinion).  But
software patents may not be a good thing.  But that's a different
discussion which we don't need to get at this point. :-)

>  When you are free please call me 258-8893. (When you call keep a print out
> of the jpg image I have sent with you)

I do have the standard (and other related  documents) and Harshula is
the expert on those issues.  However, right now he is far away (in
Australia) ;-)

We will be at the ASOCIO exhibition from the 1st to 5th as Sri Lanka
Exhibition and Convension Center.  I'll call you afterwards.

>  Can have a casual talk based on this  and then we can meet.

I am keenly looking forward to it.

>  I am a MAC user.

Well, I think therin lies the biggest *problem* (please forgive me for
using this word, I think you understand what I *meant*).

We have been advocating the use of Free and Open Source (FOSS) for the
past many years.

And one strong reason we recommended FOSS was the freedom one gets to
modify them.  To do the GNU/Linux implementation, we didn't have to
convince or work with anyone.  However, for the MS implementation,
many organisations have to convince them.  And I think (think only)
that it's the same case for Mac.

So much for propriatory software.  And your solution becomes very
useful for propriatory software, when the users don't have much
control, so that creating a font with all the necessary characters is
almost all you need to get Sinhala!

BTW, I noticed your patent application for a transliteration scheme. 
However, transliteration has been around for many years.  There were
two well known schemes for LaTeX.  Sumihiri and Samanala.

> I am Quoting a part of the
> text for your perusal . What is written below is hurts me a lot. Hope it is
> same for you. You can download the full text from 

I have read the full text before.  And I thought that the text
following the one you quoted explains the rest of the matter.

I came to know from a recent survay which included many Sinhala
scholars that rakaaransaya and yansaya are considered shorthand to hal
kireema + ra and hal kireema _ ya when it comes to sorting.

Thanks for reading the long mail, and hope you will carefully study
the links provided.

Looking forward to hear from (and later meet) you.


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